Thursday, November 20, 2008

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Friday, November 14, 2008

Make Millions and Make Change!

Mike Mann’s new eBook Make Millions and Make Change! is a light read, absolutely free and may provide valuable content for readers.

Make Millions and Make Change! documents successful strategies aimed to help and advise you on how to make millions in your business of choice. Then, given your newfound success, our hope is that you will benefit others by contributing extra time and money to your favorite causes. Whether you want to take on global industries or just improve your corner store, this book provides profitable strategies for any business. Good business methodology does not need to be reinvented every day, just improved upon. Download here!

Making an Income Online without a Web Site or eZine free ebook

Brian Schaeffer is Editor and Publisher of the How to Work From Home Publications. You won't see Brian wearing a tie and jacket like the other guys, because he and his wife Brenda have been involved with home business for 17 years.

Brian wants to help others realize their work at home dream. He'll help you concentrate on real and workable ways to make an income from home. In this ebook, Brian shows you how to make money online without an eZine, newsletter or web site.

Yes, it IS possible to make money online without an eZine, newsletter, or web site! Not only is it possible, but it can be quite successful! Brian shows you how to make money online using free autoresponders, and how to receive payment using online payment processors.

This ebook also includes important bonus articles written by Brian Schaeffer; Is a Home Based Business Right for YOU? and How To Choose a Good Start-Up Business. Download here!

Learn Internet Marketing, SEO Tutorial

This e-book on Internet marketing and search engine optimization is currently free; it will be sold in the near future. HTP Company has been working on search engine optimization and Internet marketing since 1996. Many changes have occurred over this time period, we are not focused on the past and history in this book. We are totally devoted to what works today and will update this book on a regular basis. Search engine optimization (SEO) and training is a topic that is well suited for an e-book because of all the constant changes.

SEO can be difficult and confusing. There are no shortcuts to professional Internet marketing and search engine optimization. You must invest time and have long term patience and commitment to be successful.

The bottom line is that search engines need to list good sites at the top of their search results. Search engines are constantly finding more ingenious ways of doing just that. If you find ways of delivering real value to your web site visitors, then the search engines will find ways to rank your site at the top of their results. Right?

Mostly Right? What do I mean?
So you need to think like a search engine and deliver value. Please see below for details.

We have thousands of top rankings for our clients. Please phone us at 805-493-4450 and we can give as many examples as you would like.

Here are just a few samples of thousands. Please click on the links below and see what company is in the top 3 out of over 15,000,000+ results. Samples below are provided to prove we know what we are talking about. Why would any one listen and follow the advise of an SEO expert consultant that offers no proof of results? Theory is fine and very interesting to study, however most people want to learn how to achieve top search engine optimization results in an hands on practical way also. more...

Principles of Marketing

What is marketing? If you are asking that question then this tutorial is for you!'s FREE textbook quality Principles of Marketing series offers the Web's most detailed coverage of marketing. The tutorials focus on the key concepts and functions that are common to most marketing situations no matter an organization’s size, industry, geographic location, etc.

The tutorials are ideal for:

1. students and teachers in an entry-level marketing course
2. those entering the business world who have not been exposed to business courses
3. anyone starting a business but who lack an understanding of key marketing concepts.

Upon completion this tutorial will be quite extensive with updates delivered at regular intervals over the next few months. more...

Website Design: Design for Sales

These elements should be common to all sites:

Small file sizes
so the pages load quickly. Yahoo! is still the gold standard because it loads in less than 8 seconds at 28.8k connect speeds (in part because of 200 peering agreements). Your 80K page should load in 2-3 seconds.
Sensible navigation
Navigation elements should clearly show surfers where they are and how to accomplish their goal. Use descriptive words in your links so people will know what to expect when they click.
Worthwhile content
Content is required for many reasons. Search engines won't rank a site without content, surfers won't stay or trust you, and webmasters won't link to sites without content. No matter what your subject, you must provide information or a service to built links and traffic.
Website Usability
Website usability is critical to converting surfers to customers. Usability is a measure of how easily a surfer can "work" your site. The easier your site works, the more likely you'll make a sale. Read Jakob Nielsen's Book or Jakob Nielsen's Website for more information.
Search Engine Optimization
All sites should include basic search engine optimization. It doesn't take long to do a reasonable job. See our section on search engine ranking.
Clear purpose
Know what you want your surfer to do, then design everything to accomplish that goal.
Built in sales process
If you're selling something, every page should be one click away from the sale.